notes from the other side

Do you know
the terror
of waiting for the last straw

as someone turns down
the volume
and the air around

suffocates and you’re
in an invisible tunnel
wondering why people smile


god hotline


if I had
a hotline to
god I’d

probably bother
him so much
with petty

complaints like
the oh-so-tragic-


that’d he’d put
me on
answer phone

but I don’t
so I guess
I can moan

Day 19 of National Poetry Month. a piece a day is hard! like, follow and share to support.

sketch II


Tiredness is when
finally your schedule
is empty all you

can do is sit
and stare at the
invisible tick tock

of the clock echoing
in the space of your
solitude and your

heartbeat (out of
sync with the world)
is not concerned


Day 15 of National Poetry Month’s a poem a day challenge. Please follow, share and like to support. 

i made a wish

I made a wish:
sat in the field
for the first light

and sealed it in
cupped hands; then
went to collect first

drops of morning dew
added whispered words
and mixed it with

light kisses; then puff,
let go, and see everything
be, as they should be

Day 13 of National Poetry Month’s a poem a day challenge. Please follow, like and share to support.

ritual III


I stand on this pier
watching in fear the distant green light
blinking, an infant peering
for the first time into this world
the thrill matched only by first love’s
whirling waves impossible to grasp
I try but first only comes once
and the tears- sunken pearls-
fall into the sea that stays
utterly, pathetically the same


Day 12 of National Poetry Month’s a poem a day challenge. enjoy, follow and share to support. 

don’t clap



get up before
the sun go
to musky rooms

the light cheap
and start the
scales tattooed

onto our minds
brains hardly
booted and then

passages passages
again again
wrong wrong

don’t stop
then hours of
ensemble even though

to be honest
most of it’s

and then back
again again
wrong wrong

don’t stop
till the sun
gets tired but

it’s all worth
the fragile silence
magical static

last note

first clap


Day 4 of National Poetry Month’s April Challenge. I”ll be trying to write a poem a day. Please follow and share to support, and try it yourself.