so here we are again
staring at the

blowing misty dragons
through our flaring

frolicking in the air
clumsy and passionate
like two virgins

fumbling steam
and our fingers

remain apart
The Blobbing Fish.


a ghost came to visit (not) III

I waited for you
to come back
so I could show

you the snowflake
I trapped
it started to snow

last week and
my flat was so
cold that I

could see my
companion (breath)
such a good friend

I thought you
two could spend
some time

mixing but
back to the
flake I caught

in my hat
I put it in
the freezer

its huge
like a stiff
peak and

I thought you’d
like to see
but I guess

you got bored
dropping by
or are shy
and I can
see why as
I look at

the flake quivering
sitting singly
you know they say

every snowflake’s unique
what they don’t
tell you is

nobody gives a shit.

The Blobbing Fish.
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a ghost came to visit II

a ghost came again–
bolder this time
like it knows it can

pop in
in a manganese
breeze without being

seen this time
i was nice and
didn’t fool around

with chocolates and
omelettes, asked
‘why are you here’

i saw a diamond like
floating in the air

‘sorry but
you’d want to be here’
it cried no more
the only complain

i could make
is my ice cold

then it started
to talk using
my voice in

my head it didn’t stop for
and we talked

about one lost
glove two
too-soon grown

teens waltzing
alone in the
bomb-ruins of their

home three freshly
freed prisoners

they’re free
cault must be laughing)

and i realized
tears tearing
through time

my cold silence in
everywhere where
change was frozen

and time didn’t
know how to

the ghost left
and i just wanted someone there
to warm my fucking bed

The Blobbing Fish.
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a ghost came to visit


a ghost came
to visit
the other day

it came in
an opaque mist like
the northern lights


didn’t have a face
so I waited
to make sure– it stayed 

a mass of colours
the poor thing so
out of place

 in my b&w room
didn’t want to be rude
so went to get

black chocolate and tea
and started making
omelette but it

sort of swirled around
so i asked if it
didn’t like it runny

in retrospect
that might have
pissed it off

poor thing
must have wanted
to be solid

because it
burned like magnesium
and left

me standing alone
bony and monochrome
listening to the

tick tick tick
drip drip drip

and i don’t blame
the flurry of colours
for leaving this world of ours

The Blobbing Fish